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Give Support More Power


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Detailed description: I think there's no reason to limit Support and Senior Support to just being able to help on the discord or simple answers, i think they should be able to do teleports, refunds and even overseeing situations.
Commands/items to implement: Giving them more abilities.
Benefits of adding: Would lower the time it takes for admins to respond to simple requests or situations, i suppose what i'm in reality asking is just to make support into admins, but it would really ease up some of the delay times on ingame requests and such.

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Whilst it appears like a good idea with the small team we have, I do have to disagree. And this coming from somebody who wishes they could do more to help. A compromise may be perhaps giving more trust to Senior Supports more quickly moving them up to Trial Admins so they can help.


Having those powers could be very detrimental to the server if abused.

TL:DR you have to earn trust, because we're all strangers on the internet after all. 

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I of course share Skye's sentiment of wishing to do more to help - and would be in favour of more 'remedial' commands like /bring, teleporting and solving simple pre-approved refunds requests out, and such.

At what level - Support vs. Senior Support, I leave to someone above my paygrade.

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If removing support role isn't an option, I suggest the removal "Senior Support" and simply go straight to Trial admin.  Alternatively, give support role access to commands that require no admin discretion or decision making.

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