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Staff Update - May 2023

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Welcome to the May staff update!

We've had another eventful month in April, which saw the introduction of the FM Council Team after listening to your feedback. This is a way to get players involved in the future of both legal and illegal factions. Everyone who wishes to contribute can reach out to @Wang to be added to this team. We want these discussions to be as productive as possible, which is why you'll need to be approved before joining the FM council team.

We have also decided to bring back the RPQM team, which will be merged with the events team. Without a leader appointed to it for now, and with direct supervision from staff management & management, this team will focus on creating more events for the community for the time being.

All players interested in helping out with these events will be able to do that, as we'll have a dedicated discord channel for it - more information to come very soon.

On the dev side, while we struggled for a while with some of our devs being busy, we're glad to announce that two more developers have joined the team. Welcome @jai and @George!

The plan is to bring some QoL updates as soon as possible, while rewriting the current scripts which are encrypted for the most part. Just know that we've looked into some of your suggestions, and we will continue to do so. Now that you know what our focus will be in the near future, please feel free to post suggestions if you have any.

Here are some things that our devs working on, and some scripts that are ready and waiting to be added to the main server:

  • faction script (done)
  • admin jail script (done)
  • revamped hunting (done)
  • new horse & stable script
  • new camp script
  • QoL updates to our current scripts

Let's congratulate our promotions & our new support members!


Red Dead World Management

Senior Administrator to Lead Administrator

@Boots (Head of Admins & Support)

@Wang (Head of Faction Management)

@Snoopy (Head of Property Management)


Game Administrator to Senior Administrator

@K3V (Assistant Head of Property Management)

@Toasted (Assistant Head of Faction Management)

@Seaward (Assistant Head of Support)


Trial Administrator to Game Administrator



Support to Senior Support 





New Supports






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