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One Time Requests

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FM One-Time Requests


FM OTR's are recommended for factions or small groups of players to get their character concept off the ground, individuals are not excluded from making a request but may face more scrutiny for approval.

If you require items to proceed forward with a concept for your faction or yourself, please fill out the bottom and await a response from the FM team. These requests will create a debt levied against your character/group/faction, which will need to be paid once the concept starts to become fruitful.

This is for tools or vehicles. Do not request properties or materials.



Post Subject:  OTR [Faction/Character name]  - [Requested Items]

Faction/Character Name:
Discord Name:
Requested Items:
Purpose of Items/ Relevance to Character(s):
Link to Character/Faction Thread:
Script Price of Items (If possible): 


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