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The Annesburg Excavation Association


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The Heartlands Excavation Crew had worked among the mining veins of New Hanover's Scarlett Flatts for months, acquiring more associates, dealings and contracts with nearby businesses, stores and gunsmiths alike. The once small operation owned and operated by the four founding men had gone beyond what they had anticipated. It was time to expand.

The group of four quickly became overwhelemed; so hired some more men; Floyd, Tómas, Junior and Buttercup would join the frey - but the orders kept rolling in, the numbers going up, the delivery times going down; expansion was still required. This venture had gone beyond the four men. They wished to seek a permenant Headquarters; a place for H.E.C., local and state-wide miners alike to visit and mingle, to browse jobs, to recruit and to see what metals were wanted where at the best prices. Enter the Heartlands' Mining Union - the now-well expanded personnel of the Heartlands Excavation Crew saw fruitful potential in a building to welcome all, to advertise expeditions, recruit prospectors and share the supplying needs of nearby and state-wide businesses to local miners.


The Heartlands was simply not fruitful. The real estate, inappropriate, and with the recent resignation of Mr. T. Colegrove as the head of Scarlett Flatts, the group were left to fend for themselves; and a more outwards approach would have to be adopted. Enter Annesburg. The group began to look around the industral town, searching for a building to adopt as their new Base of Operations, of course, they would be forfeitting their identity, but a move they were willing to take in the interest of expansion.

They came across a building, unoccupied and unused, and filed a lease. Among various weeks of trials and trebulations, back and forth negotiation - an agreement was met, and the Heartlands Excavation Crew were no more.







Goodbye, Heartlands. Hello, Annesburg.

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