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The Annesburg Excavation Association


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Quick OOC Shoutout

Shoutout to the boys @souti@CoastToCoast@ballad of war@silhouettes@Kbzon for as far as I'm concerned keeping me on this server. We've made absolute strides with an industry/script that was typically seen as being 'boring, grindy' and managed to revitalize the RP around this mining industry in the Heartlands and Valentine area, and I thank you guys for sharing your characters and time with mine to faciliate this awesome faction. Further shoutouts to Harrison Caldwell, Salvatore Battaglia, Isabella Moll and Howard Knox for consistently being open to RP with our lil' band of hard workers and faciliate some awesome business/commercial RP.

We're destined for great things on this server and I'm excited to see where this group goes with y'all. Keep on diggin', boys!



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