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Braithwaite Manor


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Braithwaite Manor stands 63 years old, having been finished in 1812 as a Plantation by Samuel W. Braithwaite as a domicile and business centre of the prominent Lemoyne family. Just two years prior to the completion of the manor, the wife of Braithwaite had died in childbirth something that had driven the man into a spiral of drinking, gambling and most importantly mismanagement of the estate until his eventual death in 1837.

Braithwaite had left his entire estate to his only surviving child, his daughter Grace E. Colegrove (née Braithwaite), who had married a trader of a significantly less prominently family. However, together the two turned the fortunes of the once mismanaged plantation. One field turned to two. Two turned to four. A variety of crops, an orchard, a small hamlet. Slowly, but surely the estate reached its zenith, benefiting heavily from slave labor as tensions around the practice mounted.

A nouveau riche family sort to legitimise themselves in the area and by 1845, a union between the two largest plantations in Lemoyne occurred as John B. Colegrove married Edith M. du Baude, with several kids following over the next many years. Family and pleasure so intrinsically mixed with business as the two families combined for a marked percentage of production in the county of Lemoyne.

Though no golden age lasts forever and as the Civil War broke out, the Colegroves found themselves embroiled in a struggle, as John B. Colegrove, as well as his eldest son Thomas G. Colegrove joined the confederate army and fought for their rights and perhaps more distinctly their economical interests, a war that would leave deep marks in the family as well as the plantation long after the war was over.



From estate family to field-hand, from lady to gunslinger. The idea is to provide a fun experience across the board for everyone who wishes to involve themselves with the faction and concept, while staying as true to the time period as we can.

The focus of will be on the individual relation between all characters that come across one another in conjuction with the manor, creating a microcosm of the post-reconstruction era, with all that comes with it. Family drama in regards to different loyalties, class divides within a singular household and the horrible experiences endured prior, during and after the civil war, and of course how people manoeuvre and navigate such a tumultuous period of time.

We wish to provide the backdrop for everyone to create a vibrant, dynamic and engaging RP environment where the player is central rather than the faction itself. We aim for equal opportunity roleplay between all characters and players, regardless of their post character's past allegiances, their race or their gender within good taste of keeping authentic to the time period, hopefully creating an equally fun experience for everyone involved.


Life at the Manor

As can be expected of a large, now former, slave-plantation there will a great amount of variety in roles that could fit within the confines of the plot of land. This could be everything from a common field-hand with dreams of something more, a veteran who picks up a check as a hired gun all the way to handmaiden or horse-trainer. The world really is your oyster, as the goal for the manor is to set the base for you to be able to engage with the wider Lemoyne community. Creating a place of origin that you can call home. Providing jobs, housing and community for all in and around the manor, as well as the larger community.

As such, families are encouraged to come to the manor and live out of the small hamlet at the end of the plantation, creating a small, but important nucleus of workers with relations to one another, unifying the whole area as one large family in spirit if not in name, extending on an OOC level where IC limitations are met. Walk-up RP while your character earns for the day and life, in the progression of their own unfolding story.

Be you a recently freed man, a veteran of the wars, a dandy, the farmgirl or the aristocratic princess, then there's room for you here so that you can unlock your story as you see fit. 

If any of this has struck your interest, you are more than welcome to ask questions be that in a forum PM, or simply by following a link to our discord or directly snoopy.#0001 / Snoopy. We are more than happy to help or discuss potential character ideas, concepts or connections.


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