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The Ahap-Watsikatʉ Federation


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The Ahap-Watsikatʉ Federation is an alliance between tribes; Cehtangi, Dareme, Dahede and Tohwyen (Confederation of Ahap), and the Comanche band; Watsikatʉ.



Both the Confederation of Ahap and the Comanche band "Watsikatʉ" have suffered significant losses, but in different ways. The Comanche have lost many braves to battles and disease, while the Ahap have an abundance of elderly, sick, children, and non-combatants. Despite their differences in the past, they put aside their conflicts and form a new alliance known as; The Ahap-Watsikatʉ Federation.





By combining their strengths, The Ahap-Watsikatʉ Federation seeks to create a better future for all. The Comanche's skilled warriors and knowledge of warfare, combined with the Ahap's deep understanding of the land and agricultural practices, form a powerful alliance. They work together to rebuild their communities, defend against common enemies, and create a future that honors both of their traditions and values.

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For those interested in joining the Ahap-Watsikatʉ Federation, there are two main options to consider. If you wish to join the Comanche band "Watsikatʉ," you can contact JacenM#1337 to learn more about their traditions and how to join. Alternatively, if you're interested in joining the Cehtangi tribe of the Confederation of Ahap, you can go to Oumihara#6328 to inquire about joining. Both groups welcome newcomers who share their values and are committed to building a better future together.


((Upon joining the player agrees to Character Kill Agreements and notify the faction leadership if any administrative action is taken against their UCP-equivalent or any of their characters, such as a warning or a ban. Due to any administrative action taken against them, leadership maintains the right to withhold access or remove a player depending on the situation. If you do not exercise transparency, when discovered, there will be no discussions about it but will be met with the same response))

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