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What's Red Dead World?

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Nervous    30

Red Dead World is a direct partner of GTA World, main US/EN roleplay server available for text roleplayers on GTA 5.

The source code will be a direct fork of GTA World as RageMP is expanding its multiplayer to RDR2, using the same API for developers, allowing us to directly re-use all the source code and updates made for GTA.

Obviously, a lot of new features and development will need to be made in order to match what is expected from a Red Dead Redemption roleplay server compared to GTA, but our current GTA core will allow us to directly have hundreds of features and easy to modify code to adapt it, offering all players a fully complete gamemode to play on as soon as RageMP will be stable for RDR2.

We have no release date in mind, as two requirements must be met:

  • RageMP must be playable on RDR2 and stable.
  • RD World gamemode must be in a playable state where you can all roleplay and enjoy the game without major issues. 

The development and administration teams are different from GTA World, however I'll obviously lead both development team as each features developed for GTA World or RD World will need synchronization between both teams to see how each side could also use it, allowing GTA and RD World to both have more updates.

If you were registered on GTA World before the 31/12/2019, you'll be automatically registered to RD World and your account will also work here.

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