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Rhodes Parlour House


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The Sunderland name is an old one in Lannahechee, but an oft forgotten one. A significant land-owning family before the war, their legacy was reduced to ash by the invading Union army while the surviving family members scattered across the states. Some ran for California and the waning promise of gold. Some went for New York, to embrace the new age of Union America. Others simply bided their time, waiting for their prophetic return to the state they once called home. That day has finally come.

Upon returning to Lannahechee they sought to cement their name in the local community of Rhodes by acquiring a notable business in the area. As it would happen, the prior owners of the Parlour House had skipped out on their lease and the property was up for acquisition through the local bank. Applying under her brother's name, Jessica Sunderland acquired this favorable piece of land and thus opened up a wealth of new social and political opportunities for the Sunderland name to spread like wildfire throughout the dusty little town. The ambitions of the family did not stop there, though. No, they wanted much more than just a glorified saloon with crotched throw pillows. Will they simply peter out? Or will their ambitions lead them to a new age; another legacy for the Sunderland name, risen from the ashes.




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