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Property Management - Q&A

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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by players; please take the time to look these over instead of making a ticket on the property management discord. Its highly likely that the question you have will be covered here, also ensure you've checked the property rules found HERE.

  • Can I request/apply for a house?

No. The only houses which can be requested are those done via the High Society application process, all other houses must be purchased in game.

  • I lost my house due to inactivity, can I get it back?

No. If you lost your house due to inactivity -WITHOUT- informing us then unfortunately you've lost it; its unfair and unreasonable to ask a player who has bought it to give it back. If you cannot afford the tax, or forget to pay the tax that's your problem as we send out frequent reminders and its well known that on the 28th of -EVERY- month you must have the tax money in the ledger.

  • I lost my house due to inactivity, can I get a refund?

Possibly; this will depend on the circumstances. You are suggested to open a ticket with PM on the discord; do be mindful that we'll check to see if you owned the property and will likely require some proof from you if we cannot find it in the logs. If we can't find it, or are unable to confirm that you did in fact own it then sadly you won't be refunded.

  • I want to check if a house is inactive, can I open a ticket or ask for it to be checked?

No. House activity checks will -NOT- be done on request; there is a feature currently in the server which is aimed at removing inactive properties. That comes in the form of tax which has to be paid on the 28th of every month; property management admins do periodically check properties. If there's a white dot on the map its up for purchase, if there isn't its not up for purchase. Any tickets requesting activity checks will be closed.

  • I want to check if a business is inactive, can I open a ticket for it to be checked?

Yes. We will conduct activity checks on businesses however we ask that you take reasonable steps to check yourself; check the discord of that specific area, find out who owns the business and reach out to them via discord before approaching us.

  • I lost my business due to inactivity, can I get it back?

You can open a ticket on the PM discord however there is no guarantee you will get the business back; we value all players however if it has since been taken over by a new player then unfortunately you've lost that opportunity. Equally, your activity and lack thereof will be taken into account should you apply for a new business.

  • Can I request mapping, furniture items or other things for my X-Y-Z?

If you want to request mapping do so via a mapping request; as a general rule of thumb we will -NOT- do mapping for your house, we will also not allow you to map or do any mapping for a house. We do accept requests for mapping to be done for businesses and this is done on an ad hoc basis, our mapping team may take on the task they may not, after all they are volunteers. We will not provide players with any furniture items that can be obtained via IC means; there is a furniture store and there are also multiple businesses which stock furniture items.

  • Faction Management setup my society/ranch/plantation, can I request stuff through PM?

If your ranch or society or anything relating to a house/business you own wasn't obtained through PM and was part of you becoming a faction then you need to speak to your faction handler. PM and FM are separate teams; ranches such as Sundry Ranch, McFarlane and Caliga Hall etc are managed solely by FM.

  • I want to request X-Y-Z; can I do it via PM?

The short answer is no; requests for things should be done via the "one time request" section on the FM portion of the forums. Exceptions to this are saloons and some other businesses which are able to reach out to PM via their internal channel on the PM discord.

  • I own a house scriptly but wish to roleplay that someone else owns it IC; or that someone else has their name on the deed. Is this ok?

No. If you own a house scriptly then you own it IC'ly; the only exception to this would be when it comes to businesses with female owners being rare. They can tie into their story that a male counterpart owns it but again this will be done on a case by case basis. Your character name is also readily available on the land registry records for that specific state.

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Clarified house ownership via the script.
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