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Whitelist Application - Your First Step Starts Here!

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Whitelist Applications Guidelines


Welcome to Red Dead World. In order to join us on the server you will need to complete a whitelist application and be approved by a member of our staff team. To complete the application successfully, you will need to access the lore and continuity guides and also our in-game rules.

You will need to take the template below and paste it into a new forum post HERE, a staff member will respond to your application and let you know if you have been successful, or if there is anything you need to change. You can comment on your own application with any revisions that are requested.

  • Please note that copying other people's answers is strictly forbidden. You may receive help with writing your application, but you cannot be given the answers - this is to make sure everyone have gone through our lore threads and the in-game rules.


The title of your thread should be as follows:

[Full Discord tag] - Whitelist Application



In your own words, define the terms Metagaming (MG); Powergaming (PG) and Deathmatching (DM): 
What is the name of our State?: 
What year is our server set in?: 
What major event has just happened in the United States a decade prior to our server setting?: 
What year was our State readmitted to the United States?

Please respond to the following scenarios with what rules, if any, you can see being broken (specifically naming the rule) and what the player(s) could have done differently to avoid breaking the rules in each scenario.

Scenario One

You and your friend are Deputies in the town of Rhodes. You’re in voice chat with each other, checking on opposite ends of town, when a woman approaches you saying that bandits are robbing the general store. You tell your friend about the situation through voice chat and both run over to stop the crime in progress. Upon arrival, you find that the bandits are holding the store’s cashier hostage and are bringing him outside so they can escape on their horses, using the hostage as leverage to avoid being shot at by you and your fellow lawmen. Once they’re safely on their horses, the leader of the group shoots and kills the hostage before riding off with the valuables.

Scenario Two
You are a member of a group of outlaws. You and your group decide to rob a train as it passes between towns, creating a barrier on the tracks so that it will be forced to stop before crashing into it. The train slows and stops as planned, allowing your group to board the train with your guns out and begin holding up the passengers. One passenger on the opposite end of the train car immediately makes a run for it, disappearing into the nearby trees before anyone can think to stop him. You disregard the runner and continue robbing the other passengers, taking their valuables. One passenger starts to complain in out-of-character chat and refuses to roleplay their full $20 being on them, saying that you would’ve only found $10, attempting to stall the scene. One member of your group responds in the out-of-character chat, insulting the conductor and telling him to keep it in-character. Your group leader says to pause the roleplay while he reports the passenger.

Scenario Three
After submitting your application, you get accepted into the server. Excited, you load up the game and make your first character, Wyatt Earp, based on your favorite Wild West legend. You spawn into the town of Valentine and decide to explore the nearby woods to get a feel for the area. While wandering around, you suddenly get bitten by a rattlesnake. You try to make it back to Valentine but, unfamiliar with the area, drop dead. Having read up on some basic commands, you use /fixrevive to get yourself back up and continue on your way since no-one else was around. Upon making it back to town, you find that some sort of shootout must have occurred, the area crowded with onlookers and a few dead bandits and lawmen laying in the road. You quickly run up to the nearest dead bandit, searching him and taking his pistol so you won’t have to buy one later.


Scenario Four
Your character is in the market for a house and ends up spotting a flier in Saint Denis for someone selling their home on the outskirts of town. You go to check it out, meeting with the owner and getting a brief tour of the property before making a deal. You bring the required cash back to the house, handing it off to the owner who promptly tries to sneak away, making excuses about forgetting the paperwork. Realizing that this was all a scam, you hit the keybind you’ve set to immediately paste a line of roleplay that details tackling and restraining the man before he can get away. Unfortunately, the man is already on his horse and galloping away. Later on that day, you spot the same man that scammed you and immediately find a local lawman to help. After pointing out the individual that scammed you, the lawman runs over and lassoes the man, restraining him before he can decide to flee.


Please write a brief story of a character you think would be a believable citizen in Lannahechee? Aim for approximately 200 words:



In the meanwhile, please make sure you download the needed client to play on our server, a download can be found HERE. If you'd like to avoid RedM's peer-to-peer download (which may be slow) you can download the exact files in the following links:

  • MediaFire
  • Mega
  • Both links can also be found in our official Discord server, under the channel #redm-files-and-fix, HERE.

The files go here: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\RedM\RedM.app\data

You might have to run the RedM installer at least once for the folder to get created.

We hope to see you soon here with us! If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via Discord, we have a #questions channel. You're also more than welcome to private-message any staff member with your questions.


Kind regards,
Red Dead World Staff

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