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Red Dead World


1.0 Common Courtesy

Common courtesy is extending other players a fair and even playing field, and showing the benefit of the doubt to everyone in the community while maintaining respect and decency on an OOC level.

1.1 Whilst you are out of character you are expected to maintain your respect towards other members of the community. No one in the community should feel unwelcome at any time, no matter their background, race or beliefs. ALL forms of discrimination are forbidden and will result in immediate punishment. 

1.2 You are expected to roleplay at all times. Refusing to roleplay a situation is against the rules. If a player breaks a rule during roleplay you must finish the roleplay and gather evidence for a report. 

Examples of violations are:

  • OOC Insulting
  • OOC Spamming
  • Spontaneous AFK during RP (without notifying those in the RP)
  • Failing to RP Injuries (subject to admin determination if desync is suspected)
  • Disconnecting during RP (intentional)
  • Using OOC Circumstances to Advantage (if someone crashes, don’t RP them vanishing and doing whatever you want)
  • Disconnecting Following RP (intentional; if involved in a situation that might result in your character’s presence being discovered or necessary, you are required to remain active for 20 minutes; including across restarts)
  • PK Respawning during Active RP
  • Avoiding RP by name change/playing another character
  • RP involving other non-aware players within 30 minutes of server restart. (any RP that pulls people antagonistically; robberies, raids, etc.)

1.3 Any script business such as a stable or clothing store is considered a safe zone. No crime can be initiated while a player is inside a customization menu. If crime roleplay began prior to entering a safe zone, the zone will not be considered a safe zone.

Native Reservations are safe zones for their respective tribes.

If approval is given by LFM/IFM, the safe-zone rule can be neglected - this is on a case by case basis.

2.0 Character Rules 

2.1 When creating and naming your character, you must take into account the following:

  • Names must not be similar to a famous person's name
  • Names should match your characters backstory & the servers lore
  • Names may not be similar to those of video games, TV or movies
  • Names may not contain any special characters or symbols
  • Names may not be nicknames, only birth given names are allowed
  • Names may not be comical or reference to memes
  • Characters must be at least 18 years of age
  • You are not allowed to use character names if they have already been character killed (If a character is killed off, your next character should have nothing to do with your next)
  • Your characters heigh must be between 0.9 to 1.1.

2.2 Character Customization 

Characters must create a realistic character using the available tools. If you are reported and an admin brings it to your attention, you must rectify said issues.

Examples of this are:

  • Dressing appropriately to the weather and climate (this will also have script repercussions - cover up or you might freeze to death)
  • Dressing appropriately to the servers lore & continuity
  • You must not use glitched clothing to make your character invisible

2.3 All of your characters should be unique concepts with their own personalities and areas of roleplay. If you have multiple characters that follow the same story line, with the same concept and lifestyle. You may be CK’d and required to create a new character.

3.0 Metagaming

3.1 Providing in-character (IC) information to another player or group of players using out of character (OOC) means. Using any OOC information IC is defined as metagaming and is strictly against the rules. Using OOC communication to inform/influence anything IC is strictly forbidden

Examples of this are:

  • Messaging friends on OOC platforms (including VOIP platforms) of ANY information, including information of rivals and or law enforcement, location of a wanted pickup/your character
  • Messaging friends and other group players on OOC platforms your location in game, including VOIP platforms
  • Using VOIP and discussing your roleplay
  • Notifying other players of IC information through OOC platforms
  • There will be certain sections in Discord that are related to IC information, anything without admin approval and oversight is NOT allowed. A main example of this is IC notice boards for advertising. 

3.2 Name tags are in the game to make it easier to identify who is doing what in any situation. Tags should not be used to obtain IC information such as a location or name

3.3 All of the characters you create must have NO relation to your others, nor must they interact with each other in any way whatsoever. You must NOT reference any of your other characters. 

3.4 New Life Rule - Any character who dies in a situation that does not result in a Character Kill (CK) but instead results in a Player Kill (PK). New Life Rule (NLR) is the act of forgetting all the information leading up to the death of your character in that specific situation. That does not mean your entire life, but information that pertains to that situation. 

Any character who dies in circumstances not resulting in a CK will have the New Life Rule applied. This rule is in effect for any and all PKs. This rule provides that the circumstances of one’s death surrounding a PK are not remembered, and as such cannot be acted upon in vengeance.

Examples of this are:

  • Gathering any kind of information on Character A and using that knowledge on Character B
  • Taking action against someone or something on Character A and also on Character B
  • Interacting at any establishment Character A owns on Character B
  • Returning to a scene of an altercation/previous altercation on Character B when Character A has been killed
  • Returning to the area of your character's death is considered metagaming. Even if done on another character. You must allow time for the players and current roleplay situation to finish before you are able to use the area for your own means again. This means returning to the same area of your death, not just the exact location.

4.0 Powergaming

4.1 You may not perform actions that are not possible in real life or that do not fit your character. You may not force actions upon another player. You may not roleplay a non-player character, examples of this are:

  • Lifting something that is inhuman, for example a horse
  • Jumping/falling from a height and not roleplaying the consequences from said fall
  • Typing a /me of shooting a player with the end goal of the player being killed from the roleplay

4.2 You must, in all cases, roleplay appropriate fear from your actions and the actions of others. The repercussions of all actions, both undertaken and responded to, must be considered from an in-character perspective.

When committing criminal acts in a public, populated area; such as township main streets, or main avenues in the city, it is advised to consider the possibility, both real and perceived, that you may be witnessed and reported. Try to position yourselves out of public view before performing overt criminal acts.

Examples of failure to roleplay fear include, but are not limited to:

  • Pulling a weapon, or acting with disregard, for multiple persons who are holding you at gunpoint.
  • Performing overt criminal acts in areas that are actually and perceived to be populated; eg. town main streets, main avenues in Saint Denis, etc.
  • Your character showing disregard for their own life, such as chasing someone immediately after robbing/attacking you.
  • Robbing/attacking on duty members of law enforcement (whilst outnumbered).

4.3 Roleplay of injuries

  • Players who are hit in the head with a bullet are considered dead. If you escape or survive a shootout with hits to your limbs, you are expected to roleplay your injuries for a small amount of time. 

4.4 Looting another character can only be done when it is realistic to do so. Your character's safety and life must always be put before looting. Prioritizing looting over the need to tend for your characters safety or injuries is considered power-gaming.

Examples of this are:

  • Looting characters in a crowded public place
  • Looting characters before tending to your characters wounds/injuries
  • Looting bodies whilst witnesses and/or law enforcement are present
  • Looting something without the proper roleplay

4.5 Animals such as horses and dogs cannot be used to attack another player through roleplay means. 

4.6 Players are not permitted to left click their lassos against other players except when restraining someone who is already subdued; they may not be used in close-range altercations. Law enforcement may use lassos when chasing someone who is fleeing.

Native role-players may use their bolas to restrain an individual who is fleeing. If roleplay is stationary, any use of a bola or lasso requires a /me.

4.7 All initiations (regardless if you are an outlaw or LEO) require proper roleplay with the use of talking and/or /me’s, they should be detailed and allow parties enough time to respond to your roleplay.. Warning shots/shooting in the air to gain people’s attention is allowed providing it’s followed up with proper roleplay - this should only be used when the person/group you are trying to initiate on are riding at speed or autorunning, using this may result in retaliation from said person(s).

  • Players must initiate any hostile actions towards other players, including but not limited to robbing, stealing, arresting or attacking. 
  • If attacking or shooting someone, there is no need to wait to allow parties enough time to respond - this just requires proper roleplay.

4.8 You must roleplay every action taken. Failure to properly roleplay your actions or to be too vague in your description, is considered powergaming.

5.0 Deathmatching

5.1 Killing or beating a player or group of players with a poor reason, no reason to do so or something that would simply not realistically justify the attack. This includes engaging in provocative behaviour or actions of other players to the point of escalation.

Examples of this are:

  • Causing an issue with another player/group just so you can engage in a shootout with them
  • Shooting a player because of his background, ethnicity or beliefs.
  • The exception to this rule is Native American factions residing in the Tall Trees reservation. They have the discretion to kill trespassers on sight if they enter the reservation. This does not extend outside of the marked area of the map. 
  • Killing a player who is cooperating with a robbery.
  • Executing an entire group for the actions of one individual, assuming the group was not responsible for the situation at hand.

5.2 A player and/or group must only be able to run over a player with a horse or wagon with proper roleplay unless the character's life is at risk.

5.3 Rules of engagement must be followed  by any illegal faction members.

6.0 Third Part Modifications

6.1 Any use of third party modifications that give you an advantage to your game or the REDM client are strictly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to the use of binds & macros.

Examples of this are:

  • Use of a modification to change your characters aim/crosshair
  • Any cheats, including aimbot, spawning in items or giving yourself godmode
  • Use of keybinds & macros to replace roleplay
  • Players are allowed to use a controller to play the game. They may be used in general movement & travel, however they may not be used in shootouts.

7.0 Script Abuse

7.1 Any bugs found by players must be reported to staff on the bug report subforum. Exploiting or abusing said bugs to gain a result that is not intended with the server's script is forbidden. Any player using a bug that has been reported/not yet reported will be punished, this includes others that are aware of the bug but do not report it.

7.2 Due to script limitations and to avoid culling all aggressing parties in any altercation are capped to a limit of seven people. If you are defending you cannot request backup that would put your numbers to over seven people. Factions have the ability to surpass the posse limits set but must follow the rules outlined in the Faction Rules section.

7.3 Fix revive (/fixrevive) may only be used in circumstances where you are killed by the script for reasons outside proper functionality and roleplay. Examples include but are not limited to: Animal Mauling on Spawn, Auto-Running, Accidental Combat Kills (script kills), Script Props/Desync.

In the event of seeking a doctor to remedy injuries; one must perform a reasonably exhaustive search of the nearest township to find medical assistance. Should it not be found, one must make a report to request permission to use fix revive or be revived by an administrator.

You must provide a legitimate reason to use the command on use, or it will be subject to administrative punishment.

Any use of fix revive more than two (2) times during a one hour period will be investigated by administration.

Acceptable reasons to use fixrevive:

  • Misclick killing with melee, basically the instant death animations. People constantly accidentally fight each-other and sometimes snap necks.
  • Auto-running off a cliff with a horse when typing, seen it happen.
  • Going through a tunnel on the train, and falling through it.
  • You are downed in a brawl and helped up by another player (with acceptable roleplay).
  • Your horse hears the voices and beans you in the head.
  • You hit a floating prop and do 17 flips into the stratosphere and die upon impact, despite a small pebble being the cause of your new space program.
  • You ragdoll into a building and clip into the geometry; resulting in your death.
  • A dead cougar continues to attack you as a result of de-sync between the client who killed the cougar, you; and the server.
  • You have exhausted all options in finding a doctor, and none is available/online.

Unacceptable reasons to use fixrevive:

  • You are shot by another player.
  • You and your friend decide to "test" things, gun damages and various other things that would involve with /fixrevive spam.
  • You fall off a cliff as a result of trolling.
  • You are murdered by a friend as a result of trolling.
  • You are hung (executed) and /fixrevive to run away off of the execution platform.
  • Snakebites
  • An animal attacks you while hunting.
  • Death to disease. 

7.4 The use of the camp system to “claim” properties is strictly forbidden. Regardless of whether it’s inhabited or not, you may not place a camp within the confines of a property unless you have express permission from PM or the property owner. 

8.0 Offensive & Disgusting Roleplay

8.1 The following type of roleplay are entirely forbidden

  • Rape - Both the act and making false accusations.
  • Incest - Both the act and making false accusations
  • Beastiality
  • Necrophilia - Both the act and making false accusations
  • Cannibalism
  • Slavery

8.2 OOC permission needs to be granted for potentially offensive role play such as:

  • Torture
  • Extensive gruesome injuries
  • Any form of sexual role play (No players under the age of 18 may involve themselves in sexual roleplay of any nature)

9.0 Robbing & Scamming & Looting

9.1 Robberies need to be carried out in a realistic manner. 

  • This includes taking the time, location and atmosphere into consideration.

9.2 All bank robberies will need administrator oversight, this can be gained through an in game report.

9.3 Train robberies will need administrator oversight, this can be gained through an in game report.

9.4 House robberies - Currently unavailable due to script limitation. 

9.5 You can not scam someone for a physical building, such as a house or a business.

9.6 You cannot scam people using the promise of a property you don’t own.

9.7 There is a one hour cool down on robbing people. You are expected to maintain roleplay in this time between robberies.

10.0 Property Destruction

10.1 New - Property destruction of any building, encampment, or general property which has an inventory requires the approval/observation of an administrator who is not party to the destruction taking place.

Minimalistic damage can be a in-game report.

Property destruction to any permanent encampment or major building as established by IFM requires application for the respective sub-team for approval.

11.0 Real World Trading & Asset Transferring

11.1 Any trading involving real world assets is strictly forbidden. For example, accepting real money for IC assets.

11.2 All movement of assets between characters must have valid IC reasoning. 

11.3 Any transfer of assets between your own characters must be performed through an asset transfer request. 

12.0 Character Kills

The permanent killing of a character and the conclusion of their story. Not to be mistaken with a player-kill, in which the character may return without recollection of their death.

12.1 Scenario-Specific Character Kills - A scenario-specific Character Kill (CK), is likely to be the most common CKs witnessed on the server. These occur when certain scenarios unfold and result in the death of a character, in which case an administrator may or may not enforce permanency on the death. The scenarios in which these CKs may be applied, are as followed, but it is worth noting that an administrator will take the context of said scenario into account when coming to a verdict. Copying your /me and pasting it to gain an advantage in a firefight may also be punished.

Examples of this are:

  • The conviction of a capital offence which concludes in a character’s execution by the state.
  • The slaying of a criminal/outlaw whilst attempting to evade prosecution for a capital offence.
  • You murder a civilian in front of a sheriff and are gunned down moments later, you steal a rancher’s horse or cattle and are killed in the process, etc.
  • When a character goes out of their way to commit suicide.
  • Whenever two characters mutually agree to a duel to the death. Any duel, for OOC consideration, requires an independent ‘judge’ to arbitrate the duel, and any third party intervention nullifies CK risk.


  • Whenever a character fails to display adequate fear RP (whether law enforcement, criminal or civilian) and their actions result in their death, as determined by an administrator.
  • Attempting to draw on a much larger group of hostiles and immediately being gunned down. Or intentionally provoking a confrontation with dangerous groups or individuals.
  • Whenever a character is killed, whilst attempting to carry out a CK approved by the administration team, via the application system.

12.2 Dead or Alive bounties are subject to a CK.

  • The judge issuing a DoA bounty shall apply for a CK application simultaneously.
  • Normal Character Kill rules apply to non-DoA bounties.

13.0 Roleplay Rules

When logged onto the server, players are to treat all time spent "In Game" as "In Character" unless a scene is otherwise paused by an Admin. Non-Roleplay behavior is strictly prohibited and will be met with administrative punishments. Common forms of Non-Roleplay Behavior include (but are not limited to):

13.1 Grinding - Money grinding, Job grinding, resource grinding, or any form of play-to-win mentality where roleplay is forfeit to the monetary gains of in-character scripts.

Examples of Grinding:

  • Utilizing more than 2 script jobs. EG. A full time hunter who is also a miner and a lumberjack; a farmer who is also a miner and a full time hunter.
  • Participating in job grinding without roleplaying using /me's to describe the actions taken by your character. Excessive use of /me's is not required, but there should be occasional roleplay even when alone.
  • Engaging in a script job while not appropriately dressed or in an inappropriate place. EG. Doing any of the script jobs while in a suit or extravagant dress; planting crops in inappropriate places (in the forest, in the snow, etc).

13.2 Chicken Running - Running around or away from any altercation in a frantic, zig-zagging pattern, IE: running around like a chicken, to avoid being wound or injured.

13.3 Uncharacteristic / Unfitting Roleplay - Any form of roleplay or speech that would be uncharacteristic or poor-portrayal for the time period, character, or theme of the situation.

Examples of Unfitting Roleplay:

  • The use of modern slang or the overly excessive use of racial slurs to incite altercations.
  • Using inappropriate /me's that are not related to the roleplay at hand or are jarringly unfit for the scene. EG. saying something like "/me uses the rizz on Charlotte."

14.0 Crime Zones

In an effort to create a more authentic and immersive experience for players, we have implemented a feature that limits the level of crime that can occur in certain areas of the game map. This means that players will encounter fewer criminal activities in these designated areas, making them feel like safer and more peaceful places to explore. The goal of this decision is to provide a more varied and realistic environment for players to interact with, as different areas of the map often have varying levels of crime and safety.

Restricted Crime Zones:

  1. Main streets of towns:

  2. Villages, plantations, ranches, and farms:

  3. Native Reservations:

No Crime Zones:

Certain areas, such as doctor's offices, sheriff's offices, police stations, courthouses, and customization areas, are designated as "No Crime Zones." All forms of crime are strictly prohibited in these areas to ensure a fair and safe environment for all players, unless admin permission is gained for activities such as a jailbreak. 

It should be noted that if characters committed a crime to a player outside of these zones, but the defending party decides to flee to these crime zones; they will still be subjected to continue the roleplay.


Rules and Permissions (Only applicable within Crime Zones):

Extortion and other minor illicit activities are allowed within restricted crime zones, as long as they do not escalate into gunplay. Robberies and crimes involving gunplay require administrator permission.

  1. Minor crimes within safe zones:

    • Brawling and fist fights are allowed, but they should not escalate into gunplay without proper reasoning and roleplay;

      1. To escalate into a PK/CK fight it must be properly emoted and within reason.

      2. Using melee weapons require an emote - using a gun is strictly a last resort and should have valid reasoning

    • Theft of horses, crops, wagons, and graves is permitted. It is recommended to conduct these activities at night.

    • Other breaches of peace are allowed within reasonable limits.

  2. Robbing businesses

    • Businesses with a register robbery script and the grave robbery script do not require administrator supervision but do require proper roleplay.

    • Player owned stores and businesses shall require administrator supervision.

  3. Retaliation against groups (e.g. native reservations, law enforcement):

    • You must have a reasonable IC suspicion that the group you are retaliating against was the one to initially attack you.

    • There must be proper roleplay in the build up, planning of the retaliation to avoid unnecessary retaliations. 

    • Retaliation is allowed within one day without administrative supervision. After this time, permission from an admin is required. It must also be within peak times.

    • The attacking party must understand the risks involved and agree to forfeit Character Kill permissions (meaning you can or will be expected to CK should you be injured severely/downed).

      1. in order to be CK'd, you need to be finished with actual lines of roleplay, otherwise the kill is PK.

      2. Only the first two attacking party members who are killed will be required to CK.

    • The objective should be accomplished without unnecessary lingering or "blockwiping" of other players.

    • If you fail the attack and nobody dies, you are not allowed to retry.

  4. Raiding major settlements (towns, cities):

    • Raiding major settlements requires administrator permission.

    • Realistically, raiding a town or city is unlikely and should be conducted with proper roleplay and approval.

    • The objective should be accomplished without unnecessary lingering or "blockwiping" of other players.

  5. Ranches and farms:

    • Outlaw factions can attack ranches without administrative permission for cattle/horse rustling schemes, if they have had their heist or scheme request approved. Successful raids require proof of completion of the heist/scheme so they can be paid. 

    • Attacks on ranches and farms should be conducted at peak times for fairness.

    • Multiple raids on the same location or consecutive attacks on different ranches within a short period (within 7 days) must be avoided.

      1. There is a 7 day cooldown following a heist/scheme against ranches and farms. The ranch and/or farm raided is also exempt from further raids for a one week cooldown.

  6. Activities requiring admin approval

    • Murder (However, if a PK/CK occurs through natural roleplay it does not require admin oversight)

    • Robbery (Of a person, bank or person owned store/not a script feature robbery that requires a lockpick)

    • Arson or any form of property destruction

    • Torture or Extensive gruesome injuries (Doesn’t need admin oversight just approval within safe zones and;

      1. OOC permission is needed from all parties involved)

    • Jailbreaks (Someone in a cell or to stop a hanging)


15.0 Alliances


Alliances should be based on realistic roleplay, with roleplay done to justify them.

  • Unlikely alliances, such as Native Americans aligning with government officials while remaining within their tribes, Mexican bandits aligning with the US Army are discouraged.
  • Outlaw groups can form alliances based on common goals, but they should be aware of the potential for betrayal.
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  • Banks locked and pinned this topic
On 2/6/2023 at 1:37 AM, Banks said:

Whenever an agent of the law, criminal, or civilian is killed whilst attempting to detain or slay an outlaw with a Dead or Alive bounty. This extends to both parties involved in the scenario. If you are killed in a scenario with a Dead or Alive bounty - be it attacker or defender, you are subject to a CK. However, this only applies if you're partaking in the scenario, random civilians / bystanders who don't insert themselves are excluded from this. The second you receive a DoA bounty, you are under CK risk, and those associated with you at the time are also under such risk should they choose to partake in combat.


On 2/6/2023 at 1:37 AM, Banks said:

Failure to roleplay fear appropriately may result in a CK.

Removed CKs for characters with DoA bounties that end up dying. Removed CKs for failure to roleplay fear.

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