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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. This thread follows the progression of "Bill Tubbins" and his journey into fortune, filled with nothing but grime and recklessness.
  2. Being an Outlaw should not be a desirable profession, the social outcast status in reality is a far cry from the romantic anti-hero or vicious antagonist portrayed in film and TV. Every person you encounter, every town you enter, could result in your death or capture and the looming threat would make for a very miserable existence. Outlaws can and will be run out of towns by the locals, the law or bounty hunters and if you achieve Outlaw status? Your death will result in a CK. The looming path to becoming an Outlaw shouldn’t be a goal to achieve, but rather a trap to fall into. Your life of crime should be out of desperation or greed, that slowly escalates into becoming an Outlaw. Outlaws do not want to be Outlaws, they’d much rather be at home with their families and friends, working an honest job, this is why when a rare few Outlaws eventually made enough money to crawl out of the hole they’d dug for themselves, they would retired to another state or territory to live out their days in peace. The harsh reality is that most Outlaws didn’t make it as far as retirement, shot and killed by lawmen, local lynch mobs or natives, an Outlaw usually met a sad and pathetic end with a rare few achieving the status of the likes of Billy the Kid or Jesse James. What we expect from aspiring Outlaws: The road to Outlaw status for your character should be the last thing they want, committing your crime and getting away without anyone knowing is the priority, but as we all know, not all things go according to plan. NO OUTLAW OR OUTLAW GANG SHOULD BE SPAWNED IN AS AN ESTABLISHED OUTLAW. A slow build of petty crime, can and should lead to bigger scores and bigger risks taken that can eventually make you notorious. If you wish to become an Outlaw or a gang of Outlaws, you should start out as a group of friends trying to make a quick buck, stealing horses, robbing graves that becomes an attempt to knock over a bank or train, gaining the infamy of local law and if you are very unlucky? The Federal Government. When you think of posting your outlaw gang thread, remember this, have you earned it? Making a new faction with a backstory you haven’t roleplayed and having achieved this great outlaw status without anyone knowing of you in game and being fresh on the scene is not what we’re looking for. Build up your story through character threads and roleplay and then, when the time is right, label yourself a gang and post a thread. Earn the status and respect that most want given to them at launch. Below are two examples, a good one and a bad one and only the good ones will make it. Good Example: A group spawning in as younger friends growing up in the slums of St Denis. They have no prospects to earn decent money and have to fight to survive in the harsh streets of the city. They steal to stop themselves starving, this leads to them wanting to change their circumstances. The friends eventually pack their bindles and make an attempt on foot to escape the slums to the open ranges for work. Whilst there, the friends steal a horse to make the journey easier on their feet. From there the friends realise taking what they want is a possibility to improve their situation and instead of working on the ranches in their new home, they rustle their cattle. The group dubs themselves “The SOMEONE gang” and they have earned the right to do so. Bad Example: A group of outlaws spawn into the server, with a thread up explaining a deep history of the outlaws adventures. They’ve committed multiple train robberies and stolen plenty of cattle before fleeing to the state of Lannahechee. From there, the gang grinds to obtain weapons and starts going out to rob people, rob trains, rob station wagons, and generally getting into shootouts within the first week of playing their characters. There is no remorse for killing and robbing any of these people, because the characters are already veterans and have committed this type of crime for years. (I DONT OWN CREDITS TO THIS)
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