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  1. Rafael Rouge was born into poverty in the mid-1800s. As a young man, he struggled to make ends meet, and he soon found himself drawn into a life of crime. He started out as a small-time thief, but over time, he began to gather a following. In the years leading up to the Civil War, Rafael built a reputation as a skilled outlaw. He was known for his daring heists and his ability to evade the law. After the war ended, he saw an opportunity to expand his operations. With the country in disarray, he reasoned, there were more opportunities than ever to make a fortune. Rafael began recruiting members for his gang, which he called Les Rouges. He sought out those who were disillusioned with the state of the country and who were willing to take matters into their own hands. Many of his followers were former Confederate soldiers who felt betrayed by the Union and were eager to strike back at the government in any way they could. At first, Les Rouges was a small group, but over time, it grew in size and influence. Rafael was a charismatic leader, and he had a way of inspiring loyalty in his followers. He treated his men well, sharing the spoils of their heists and always looking out for their well-being. As the gang grew in power, Rafael began to dream of even greater riches. He set his sights on Sunfire Ranch, a sprawling estate owned by a wealthy landowner named Elijah Carson. True or not the Carson family was rumored to be one of the richest families in the state, and Rafael saw him as the ultimate prize. In 1876, Les Rouges launched a daring raid on Sunfire Ranch. The attack was anything but a success, as the gang made off with the large amount of cattle that would be the doom of Rafael. Initially, the victory seemed in their grasp, but it was short-lived. All of Rafael's present lieutenants were gunned down or wounded badly in the fight. In the ensuing gunfight, Rafael was himself fatally wounded in the end. With their leader dead, the future of Les Rouges was uncertain. However, the gang members vowed to carry on in Rafael's name. Now eager to seek revenge for their fallen leader, and restore his legacy under his name, time has come to slowly rise once again. Slowly, but surely in a Godless country.
  2. "You can run from the law, but you can't run from your past." From the ashes of the Civil War came a group that formed over common bonds and mutual ties. Nationless and running, the Grey Outfit, headed by Lee Mercer, came to Lannahechee with the goal of settling for good, after a string of bad luck saw the law hunting them in Missouri, Florida, and Alabama. He saw the untapped, unrealized potential of the frontier that brought those of all walks of life to it. Each one who came here was eager to exploit the state for one reason or another. Her resources, her gold, her precious money. In each man's pocket was a dollar of charity, and within each rich man his greed. To give to the land is one thing... but the Grey Outfit intends to take. Founded upon the notions of honour, trust, and companionship, the Grey Outfit started small. When Ira Wilkes was shot and killed, the gang changed direction — first, finding a footprint in the Blackwater Saloon, and sooner after, the Rhodes Parlour House. After cementing themselves in Lemoyne as men of honour, and finding friendship with the local sheriff, the Outfit has moved to bigger and grander scopes, with the corpse of a deceased companion rooting firmly their stake in the state. With him gone, the Grey Outfit sees itself slipping ever back into the lawless activity of years ago. "The cycle of violence never ends." Below: A letter to Amalia Natale from Lee Mercer. OOC INFORMATION
  3. The Madison Gang background By 1864, the number of arrests for assault and larceny had more than doubled in Saint Denis. Five out of the six arrested were immigrants, mostly minors. Majority of children residing in this city never attended school, and survived as thieves. Thousands of them were dumped off at orphanages each year, others were simply tossed out in the street to fend for themselves when their parents could not or would not take care of them. These adolescents typically banded with one another and looked over each other’s shoulder. Out of them, two children by the name of Zoey Madison and the now notorious Clyde Pickett, collectively created a band of youngins that committed said crimes. Although they never made a name for themselves, they continued on as a group of friends who had one common goal: money. Eventually, the two parted ways when Pickett fled with lawmen on his tail. Nevertheless, Zoey continued her residence in the Eastern slums of Saint Denis, and recruited men and woman to do her bidding. Current Development: (Special thanks to @SCAR for the clip above) Childhood friend and right hand woman, Winnie "Miss Bolt" Bordeoux, was deemed to be hanged upon the capture and detainment of law. The group of criminals schemed and successfully broke out the negro outlaw. As is stands, the group no longer deems Saint Denis safe, and have fled their home. They move constantly looking to keep themselves distant from law. It appears that this band of criminals have organized and call themselves The Madison Gang. This thread will continue to follow the development of these men and women. (OOC: This group is a community of people with antagonistic undertones. We welcome a variety of RP, backgrounds, races, and prefer to recruit ICly. You are more than welcome to come RP with our group but might be met with skepticism. Any questions regarding the faction may go to @Rika in forum PMs or in Discord: Rika#1926)
  4. This thread follows the progression of "Bill Tubbins" and his journey into fortune, filled with nothing but grime and recklessness.
  5. Being an Outlaw should not be a desirable profession, the social outcast status in reality is a far cry from the romantic anti-hero or vicious antagonist portrayed in film and TV. Every person you encounter, every town you enter, could result in your death or capture and the looming threat would make for a very miserable existence. Outlaws can and will be run out of towns by the locals, the law or bounty hunters and if you achieve Outlaw status? Your death will result in a CK. The looming path to becoming an Outlaw shouldn’t be a goal to achieve, but rather a trap to fall into. Your life of crime should be out of desperation or greed, that slowly escalates into becoming an Outlaw. Outlaws do not want to be Outlaws, they’d much rather be at home with their families and friends, working an honest job, this is why when a rare few Outlaws eventually made enough money to crawl out of the hole they’d dug for themselves, they would retired to another state or territory to live out their days in peace. The harsh reality is that most Outlaws didn’t make it as far as retirement, shot and killed by lawmen, local lynch mobs or natives, an Outlaw usually met a sad and pathetic end with a rare few achieving the status of the likes of Billy the Kid or Jesse James. What we expect from aspiring Outlaws: The road to Outlaw status for your character should be the last thing they want, committing your crime and getting away without anyone knowing is the priority, but as we all know, not all things go according to plan. NO OUTLAW OR OUTLAW GANG SHOULD BE SPAWNED IN AS AN ESTABLISHED OUTLAW. A slow build of petty crime, can and should lead to bigger scores and bigger risks taken that can eventually make you notorious. If you wish to become an Outlaw or a gang of Outlaws, you should start out as a group of friends trying to make a quick buck, stealing horses, robbing graves that becomes an attempt to knock over a bank or train, gaining the infamy of local law and if you are very unlucky? The Federal Government. When you think of posting your outlaw gang thread, remember this, have you earned it? Making a new faction with a backstory you haven’t roleplayed and having achieved this great outlaw status without anyone knowing of you in game and being fresh on the scene is not what we’re looking for. Build up your story through character threads and roleplay and then, when the time is right, label yourself a gang and post a thread. Earn the status and respect that most want given to them at launch. Below are two examples, a good one and a bad one and only the good ones will make it. Good Example: A group spawning in as younger friends growing up in the slums of St Denis. They have no prospects to earn decent money and have to fight to survive in the harsh streets of the city. They steal to stop themselves starving, this leads to them wanting to change their circumstances. The friends eventually pack their bindles and make an attempt on foot to escape the slums to the open ranges for work. Whilst there, the friends steal a horse to make the journey easier on their feet. From there the friends realise taking what they want is a possibility to improve their situation and instead of working on the ranches in their new home, they rustle their cattle. The group dubs themselves “The SOMEONE gang” and they have earned the right to do so. Bad Example: A group of outlaws spawn into the server, with a thread up explaining a deep history of the outlaws adventures. They’ve committed multiple train robberies and stolen plenty of cattle before fleeing to the state of Lannahechee. From there, the gang grinds to obtain weapons and starts going out to rob people, rob trains, rob station wagons, and generally getting into shootouts within the first week of playing their characters. There is no remorse for killing and robbing any of these people, because the characters are already veterans and have committed this type of crime for years. (I DONT OWN CREDITS TO THIS)
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