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Found 4 results

  1. Ndendahe Band Chiricahua Apache Tribe The Ndendahe, meaning 'Enemy People', 'People who make trouble', or 'Bronco Apaches' to the Mexicans. are a band of the Chiricahua Apache Tribe who live in New Austin. The Chiricahua Apache are a warrior tribe, who were spread out upon the Great Plains, New Austin and Mexico. Tales are told of the Chiricahua's near mystical abilities to live off the land, even able to survive off cacti alone, once they had run out of food. They are hard to track down, hard to escape from and even harder to kill. These Western Apache are made up of several bands and were given the name 'Chiricahua' for their tribe by the Spanish, in reference to the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona. As more and more American settlers encroached upon their homeland, the Chiricahua began to grow more hostile against outsiders and even their Mexican neighbors. The hostilities turned to open war and conflict with the ferocious Comanche and Kiowa alliance eventually resulted in the Chiricahua being pushed closer to the Mexican border. Subsequently, the Chiricahua became masters of traversing and surviving in the deserts and cliffs. The year is 1876, the United States government have begun forcing Chiricahua Apache onto reservations following the retirement and death of Cochise. Other Chiricahua bands continued to war with the military and terrorize settlers, lead by figures such as Victorio of the Tchihende, utilizing the aid of the MimbreƱos, the Bedonkohe and the Ndendahe. Efforts to pacify the Chiricahua by the United States government and confine them to a reservation were futile, as they had become more adapted to the lands they were forced onto compared to the armies of the white settlers. The rebellious bands began carrying out brutal raids across the land to carve out a home for themselves where they could continue living with their traditions and ways of life. A young, ambitious Chief oversees the Ndendahe there, who are mostly of blood relation. The band is family orientated, as they work together to survive and provide for each other, with the hope of preserving their way of life. Haunted by the loss of Cochise, the torture and murder of Mangas Colaradas ten years prior and the atrocities of war, these Apache are unkind to strangers and wish to be left to live with their traditions. Secrecy shrouds the intricacies of their ways, due to the threat of being forced onto the reservation dubbed "Hell's Forty Acres". OOC: We wish to portray a band of the Chiricahua Apache Tribe in New Austin. This faction will revolve around roleplaying survival with the odds against you. We will have a strong emphasis on character development, community and being a benefit to the server. Whilst this faction is portraying a hostile group located in a lawless land, we seek members who are here to create meaningful roleplay and stories.
  2. braphog

    Sundry Ranch

    Established shortly after the end of the Civil War by Swedish immigrant and veterinarian Knut Helander, Sundry Ranch is a cattle ranch built from an old settlement that was used as makeshift quarters, Saloon and barracks for the railroad workers at Emerald Station during the middle of the century, after Mister Helander Sr. returned from assisting the Union war effort as a veterinarian, gaining him a hefty salary and the privileges of a sergeant due to the heavy use of cavalry in the conflict and the need for specialized care for these beasts of war, allowing him to build the initial wealth to take to the western frontier with his family. As the American public's palate shifted from pork to beef during the course of the 1800s, cheap wild cattle abundant in the western frontiers after the war was demanded by the east, where the price of a head could easily go up tenfold once they braved the path to civilization through the range. In the early days of Sundry Ranch at the end of the 60s, massive outfits of cattle drivers and wranglers often took to the West, to the frontiers of New Austin and Texas, to bring herds of cattle east through the tried and tested trails. This is a time-honored tradition they preserve to this day, despite the modern world offering no peace in the ways of old. Mister Helander Sr. now living a life of semi-retirement at the Ranch in his older age has left the property under the daily management (but not the ownership) of his eldest son, Tord Helander, along with the foremen of his trust until it is time for his son to take the mantle of his legacy once the time is right. Him and the other hard-working comrades continue to maintain their livelihood, be it on the drive or at the ranch, where the daily demands of the farming life offer honest work for honest pay, and a sense of connection with the land and people. The ranch has through the passing of time become a household name within the county of New Hanover, as they continue to expand in their scope of operations, from a livestock operation to purchasing the neighbouring farm to start a brewery as well as venturing to breed their own horses, pioneering the Horse Auctions at Valentine, making them one of the largest businesses in the territory. With the looming promise of a civilized frontier drawing closer, Tord Helander has now been appointed Senator representing the region and its interests in a rapidly changing world, where they seek to preserve their way of life for future generations. As the railroad network expands further and further west, and barbed wire fences keep larger and larger plots of grazing land under control, cattle drives of old are slowly reaching their dawn, becoming a dying art that the Sundry Ranch maintains to this day, due to their position of privilege right next to the railroad network and their long history of braving the lawless trails. Diversity within Sundry Ranch: OOC Info - Rules and regulations
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