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Found 3 results

  1. Ndendahe Band Chiricahua Apache Tribe The Ndendahe, meaning 'Enemy People', 'People who make trouble', or 'Bronco Apaches' to the Mexicans. are a band of the Chiricahua Apache Tribe who live in New Austin. The Chiricahua Apache are a warrior tribe, who were spread out upon the Great Plains, New Austin and Mexico. Tales are told of the Chiricahua's near mystical abilities to live off the land, even able to survive off cacti alone, once they had run out of food. They are hard to track down, hard to escape from and even harder to kill. These Western Apache are made up of several bands and were given the name 'Chiricahua' for their tribe by the Spanish, in reference to the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona. As more and more American settlers encroached upon their homeland, the Chiricahua began to grow more hostile against outsiders and even their Mexican neighbors. The hostilities turned to open war and conflict with the ferocious Comanche and Kiowa alliance eventually resulted in the Chiricahua being pushed closer to the Mexican border. Subsequently, the Chiricahua became masters of traversing and surviving in the deserts and cliffs. The year is 1876, the United States government have begun forcing Chiricahua Apache onto reservations following the retirement and death of Cochise. Other Chiricahua bands continued to war with the military and terrorize settlers, lead by figures such as Victorio of the Tchihende, utilizing the aid of the Mimbreños, the Bedonkohe and the Ndendahe. Efforts to pacify the Chiricahua by the United States government and confine them to a reservation were futile, as they had become more adapted to the lands they were forced onto compared to the armies of the white settlers. The rebellious bands began carrying out brutal raids across the land to carve out a home for themselves where they could continue living with their traditions and ways of life. A young, ambitious Chief oversees the Ndendahe there, who are mostly of blood relation. The band is family orientated, as they work together to survive and provide for each other, with the hope of preserving their way of life. Haunted by the loss of Cochise, the torture and murder of Mangas Colaradas ten years prior and the atrocities of war, these Apache are unkind to strangers and wish to be left to live with their traditions. Secrecy shrouds the intricacies of their ways, due to the threat of being forced onto the reservation dubbed "Hell's Forty Acres". OOC: We wish to portray a band of the Chiricahua Apache Tribe in New Austin. This faction will revolve around roleplaying survival with the odds against you. We will have a strong emphasis on character development, community and being a benefit to the server. Whilst this faction is portraying a hostile group located in a lawless land, we seek members who are here to create meaningful roleplay and stories.
  2. JacenM


    The Watsikatu's recruitment is currently open. If interested, contact JacenM#1337 or K Y L E#2900 on Discord. This is not intended to be a deathmatching mayhem faction. That is not what we want to do here. We are portraying an unpacified tribe of nomadic Native Americans, fiercely resistant to colonization and protective of their ancestral lands, which they believe the European invaders have no right to take from them.
  3. The Confederation of Ahap was a powerful force in the Northern United States Consisting of four tribes - Cehtangi, Dereme, Dahede, and Tohwyen - the Confederation had established itself as a formidable presence in the region. Of the four tribes, Cehtangi was the largest and most influential. Despite their strength, however, the Confederation found themselves stuck on the Wapiti Reservation by 1876, as white settlers continued to push westward and claim more and more land. a small patch of land allocated to them by the US government. The once-strong Confederation of Ahap has become a shadow of its former self, reduced to mere remnants of the four tribes that once formed it. Years of conflict and hardship, compounded by forced relocation to the Wapiti Reservation, have taken their toll on the Confederation. The tribes struggle to maintain their cultural identity and way of life amidst the challenges of assimilation and economic hardship.
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