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  1. The year is 1876. The land of opportunity sleeps in the dark and awakens to those only with the grit and determination to wake it. The State screams in want and need for genuine hard working men; as the racial and society divide continues to cut deep between the people of Lannahechee and the people of the United States of America. Among the chaos, among the political divide and among the oppression - four men with a work ethic, an idea and eight working arms come together to forge the Heartlands Excavation Crew. In a State oozing with the High Society, men of law, women of importance and people of riches - those not blessed with wealth, or born with a silver spoon in their mouth were left to turn to the lawless, left to become outlaws and left without hope and direction - but that wasn't the only option. Those men who didn't want to become anarchists, those men who didn't want to join the military or serve at the farmlands were left with a pickaxe in their hands and a sense of industry. The mining crew was a group forged by four men of Valentine; men who wanted to seek out those willing to put their hands to work and their brains to the business. They offer a haven to those who weren't necessarily gifted with brainpower or wealth, and make a living the way America intended... for the most part. Now, the group look to expand their operation; finding other likeminded men, offering their extensive services to companies and businesses with the dollars to accomadate them - and to dominate the industry. Upon their expansion and demand, the group decided to seek further accomadation; their travels and business took them to the mining town of Annesburg, where they acquired a Union House; and more support for their enterprise - as such, the Heartlands portion of their journey had died, and the Annesburg Excavation Association was born. The Annesburg Excavation Association was formed on the back of Colt, Porter, Roscoe and Wilford. A group of like-minded miners who worked the mines of Annesburg under employment with their mining agency who dreamed of something bigger; they sought independence, the ability to set their own hours, make their own deals and be the masters of their own destinies. Of course, eventually, desinty brought them back as their own leaders. The four discharged themselves from employment and set to use what little collaborative money they had left to buy some basic camping equipment and four pickaxes - surfing the land to find any mines, veins or quarries that would be interested in a set of four like-minded, hand working and honest independent contractors. Upon coming across some expectedly unowned land in the Heartlands; a return started to generate. Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold were all on the table - until Mister Trent Colegrove introduced himself to the group. The group's potential flashed before their eyes, being introduced to the owner of the land that they had been robbing unbeknowingley - until Mister Colegrove presented a deal to the miners. Mine for him, and continue to mine. The crew agreed; and began to produce metals and deliver a constant supply to Colegrove and his industries, while seeking other franchise and business deals on the side. This was fruitful, until Mister T. Colegrove resigned from the industry. The crew began to make a run for the Heartlands and surrounding territories - striking up deals, contracts and recurring deliveries to businesses, mining companies and gunsmiths alike. They hold a decent control over the mining demand in the area; and are looking to continue to expand their operation and it's personnel until they can retire rich and honest. Now, the crew hold stakes in the industry in New Hanover, and base themselves in Annesburg.
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