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  1. Behind every fortune, is a crime. The Queen's Men were formed in Brixton, England in the year 1860 on the shoulders of Alexander Williams, a loyality to his last breath; a group willing to put their own profits and pleasure above the peace of the land. The group terrorised the streets of London and Greater Manchester for years; participating in the raping, pillaging and devasation of public property, private property and the lands of the poor - while taking anything that may shine or may result in a pretty penny. In the year of 1866, towards the end of the American Civil War; a few loyalists to the critical thinking of the Southern Confederacy travelled to the Southern States of America to take advantage of the on-going political, racial and native conflicts to forge a new path of destruction to a civilised land. The year is 1876, ten years removed from the conclusion of the American Civil War - and The Queen's Men have a foothold in various Southern States; Louisiana, Texas and Lannahechee. A reputation among the high, but not the low, allows them to go about day-to-day life mostly undisturbed; and the names and identities of their higher ranking members remain unknown to the nearby jurisdictions. The group participate in mainly petty crime, small-time robberies and impose their will as highwaymen to the civilians of Lannahechee, but are teetering on the threshold of devolving into more large scale criminal activity; considering participating in ransom, bank robbery, train robbery and where necessary, murder. Their motive? Notoriety. Respect. Profit. In that order. The group aim to become feared among not only the civilians of the State, but also those jurisdictions who hold claim to keep those civilians safe. Towns shall shake in fear at the name; the sun will set and hope will flee upon their arrival to your town. Kensington, England | December 12th, 1847 The Bull Oscar is the leader of The Queen's Men, Lennahechee Division - he stands at 6'1", weighing 86kg (190lb) and built like a brick shithouse. He was brought up with a silver spoon rammed firmly into the corner of his mouth, he believes that those who fail to work for what they deserve, deserve nothing in the first place. He believes money would be more productive in his pocket than anyone else's; and isn't afraid to impose that belief on innocents, even if it takes food from their family's table, or the shirt from their children's back. Kensington, England | August 12th, 1850 The Wolf In stark contrast to the towering height of her brothers, Ruth Moore's physical stature is diminutive, and her frame agile and nimble. Her subtle and elusive nature often makes it challenging to discern her true allegiances. Ruth is a firm believer in the philosophy of working smarter, not harder, a principle she embodies with unyielding conviction. But if things comes down to it, you simply can not get by the fact that you can't spell Ruthless without... Dublin, Ireland | October 29th, 1829 Aodh Byrne was an old family friend of the Moore's father, and their extended family. Close to the father of the Moore children; he delved more in the rear of the spotlight, his face unrecognized by those on the frontlines and those roaming the streets in darkness. His head were steady; and his intellect doubled those of the Moore's. Aodh was a steady thinking, a critical manipulator - but not afraid to dirty his hands if push were to come to shove, and when the hands of Aodh filthied - they were blackened. Manchester, England | February 18th, 1850 The Pig Edward 'Ned' Warde is a loyalist to the crown to his dying breath, and the personification of hard work. His foundation lies solemly in the belief of Christianity and the Lord above; but were on the verge of corruption at the hand of the Moore siblings. Once a dock worker; his life took a turn to a criminal eye when fortune and favour were dangled in front of him. Now, Ned runs with the Queen's Men - gorgiveness from his Lord of all those sins he has commited, and will commit in the name of the gang. Saint Denis, Lannahechee | March 31st, 1856 The Goat Billy shoots from the hip; and talks with a criminal twang - seeking the quickest route to fortune. Hailing from the stony streets of Saint Denis he offers all the advantages of knowing the land better than his English cohorts. He is of an average frame and build and is always looking for the quickest way to earn a buck. He doesn't shy away from danger but he would prefer to avoid it if he can cause you can't make a buck if you're six feet under. Birmingham, England | August 9th, 1848 The Fox Avery believed in equal rights... and lefts. His knuckles each named after a man or woman whom took their last breathe with his fist in their gaze; Avery were a man of few words, and fast punches. He enlisted within the Queen's Men to try to profit from his talents of brawn; assisting in the harder hitting jobs, and the contracts requiring a firmer hand to negotiation appropriately. His childhood were lonely; leaving him with little social skills. But what kind of man would ever need to rely on the word of the tongue, when the swing of a fist speaks just as many words? Tylertown, Louisiana | November 18th, 1844 The Spider Butch is as colt hearted as they come - his attitude towards humanity, civility and law and order simply were not drilled into him as a child. He had the simplicty of 'Good and Evil' thrown over his head; which followed him into his adulthood. Failing to adhere to societal norms, and failing to embellish himself in any kind of work - a life of misery, chaos and crime was the only route for Butch. Now, he stands as a Queen's Man; bending humanity to his will, for his own sick and twisted pleasre - at the trigger of a gun, he is the group's quickdraw. Broxburn, Scotland | December 6th, 1823 The Cow Chuck were another elderly member of the gang; but quick to the action. His long life, were driven down a road of disobedience, mischief and mayhem. He caused havoc up and down the streets of Scotland; which led him to the Queen's Men. Following a slice of order among the gang; he continued to lead a life of highwaymanism, robbery and pillaging both people and property for his own gain. Now, in the town of Lannahechee; he oversees the younger generation of the gang, and travelled across the pond to make sure the Moore siblings were doing good to their father's name. Manchester, England | March 11th, 1847 The Rhino Check that his hands are empty before you attempt to escalate the situation; the Rhino sometimes carries the name of 'Blade'. A quick study, his interest lies firmly in the creation, embracing and utilization of anything with a pointy edge. A rough upbringing and a family of criminal syndicate members forced Fletcher to turn to Brixton's finest in the Queen's Men; and with a bad attitude and a totla disregard for human decency; he had travelled to Lannahechee to assist the Moore's in spreading the good word... the good word being "money".
  2. https://discord.gg/zB2q7UXwRN Disclaimer The Red Dead Roleplay iteration of this faction will be adapted to be a complete fit for Red Dead: Redemption 2 & Red Dead Roleplay lore as we will be portraying a Private Detective Agency that eventually blooms into a sector of the Pinkerton Detection Agency. All development will be in character and should be somewhat identical to the real life Pinkerton organization. This group is intended to develop into Pinkerton through means of success and purchase and is currently not Pinkerton. If you're looking to spawn as a Pinkerton day 1, this is not for you. Creative freedom, development and a hardcore, yet fun roleplay environment is what we strive to achieve. Also, I would like to make it very clear that I understand that we all have lives and things going on and the only potential obligation is to come online and participate in fun and quality roleplay. If any players are interested in roleplaying with this faction please send a private message to forum name "Pinkerton". Act like an adult here and you will be treated as such. This is a second installment of our first faction on this server that was cut short due to the many politics of the upper echelon of RDRP. Pinkerton “No man of refined sensibilities would enter the ranks as a hired Hessian of plutocracy, expecting to shoot down his brothers at the command of capital.” The Pinkerton National Detective agency historically was an agency developed around 1850 in the United States originally named the North-Western Police Agency. It was headed by a Scottish born male by the name of Allan Pinkerton and a Chicago attorney Edward Rucker. While originally a Chicago bound company, the word 'National' was of immense importance due to the clients of Pinkerton's needs due to the need of a policing force that wasn't to be held to the boundaries or standard of local policing governments, and corruption within the police and sheriff departments itself. It allowed for a force to be created that didn't rely on badges or uniforms. The groups ability to blend into the public made it vital for infiltrating criminal organization. The organization was known for its equal opportunity hiring ethics, as equal as you could've gotten for the time period; and frequently hired minorities and woman as long as they were useful. Pinkerton's were hired by local businesses to help quell local workers strikes and infiltrate unions. They frequently hired bands of local goon squads led by their own agents to intimidate the parties they were paid to oppress. By the time 1860 came around, Pinkerton had about six different contracts from six different large railroad companies. The work with the railroad companies was some of the first of the groups infiltration operations, they were sent to "test" the employees of the railway stations by posing as criminal offenders or offer bribes for particular services. The Pinkerton family were staunch supporters in the abolishment of slavery and participated in the funding of the Underground Railroad. The organization gained notoriety when it foiled a plot to assassinate future president Abraham Lincoln while also performing scouting and espionage against the Confederates during the American Civil War. Lincoln later utilized Pinkerton to form his personal security detail. Post war Pinkerton used the partnerships he created to expand the business exponentially. Pinkerton also investigated railway theft cases, guarded trains and frequently arrested train robbery perpetrators; even solving a $700,000 theft case in 1866. The fame Pinkerton gained through exploits such as protecting Chicago Immigrants, helping free slaves, being the savior of the future President of the United States and even helping with the Jesse James outlaw problem; Pinkerton was able to put itself in a position where the company was tied to the protection of property and capital. This eventually turned the publics opinion of the organization as they were already known to be a private police force in the pockets of the highest bidder, not the people. An anti-union and anti-labor perspective cause by multiple factors, mainly money found Pinkerton becoming the bane of the working class. Quelling local workers strikes and infiltrating unions became standard procedure with the highlight of it all being at the Homestead Strike also known as the Homestead Massacre resulting in the surrender of the Pinkerton force in 1892. The Monroe Private Investigators founded by Horace James Monroe is a private detection agency, whose main source of income comes from governmental grants within its established regions. The Monroe Private Investigators finds itself outsourcing sub-contractors (Employees) to various contractors and clients across the nation. The group specializes in private security, private investigation, bounty hunting, policing railways, railway theft cases that can be traced using a system of checks and balances, as well as apprehending crooks through occasional bounty hunting. However, the company has fallen on hard times due to a recent lack of clients and contracts flowing in, and the organization now finds itself threading the line of criminality within its ranks. This motley crew could be considered amongst the most well read and educated of Victorian era gentlemen and opportunists looking to conduct themselves as armed professionals or the lowest deviants of society looking to play as the man with the suit and gun. The ranks of Monroe Private Investigators are open-ended and resourceful, yet; Does come with its share of unforeseen consequences and potential mishaps. The group attempts to put up the face of law when the current contract calls for it but the mask is transparent. The organization in recent years has fallen on hard times. A one William Bassett, 20 years of age had emigrated to the United States of America with his friend, James Boone. In 1858, after both having worked as detectives in Londons' police department for a few short years felt that it was time for a new horizon. Feeling adventurous, both had decided that the New World had better opportunities, prospects and pay and it was time to see if the stories really were true. Both Bassett and Boone were in search of fortune and fame that laid within the American frontier. After spending ample time on the frontier, they had discovered the perils faced by settlers at the hands of natives and outlaws. When the American Civil War started, the pre-established Bassett Agency was a decently well-known security group on the American frontier and the prospecting settlers and locals usually preferred this agency over any other due to their professionalism and effectiveness. With their high standards and levels of professionalism, they preferred to hire veterans of European and American militaries that happened to emigrate to the United States. This being because of their prior military experience and proven professionalism. By offering a superior service, the Bassett and Boone security agency earned far more than its competitors, and for good reason. While Bassett and Boone never enlisted themselves, their reputation started to perceive them and it wasn't long before well connected Union families recruited their services amongst Union senior officers. Many of these officers being short on manpower were more than happy to bring private security into their ranks; And Bassett and Boone were their first pick of the crop. One general in particular; A Major-General George Henry Thomas, approached the organization and offered them an unusual job. Their request was to employ an espionage role and attempt to gather information on Confederate military operations and their allies amongst the civilian populace. Bassett and Boone were no strangers to the Confederate states and territories as during the summer of 1861, both of them were already spending time establishing themselves along the western frontier. Bassett and Boone went south and proceeded to gather and obtain any intelligence that they could stumble upon. During their escapades Boone was discovered while using the alias "Captain B.C. Reed" and barely escaped with his life. While Bassett whom was not yet discovered, continued to operate within the Confederate states until the end of the war. Bassett and Boone were both decorated for their actions and provided stipends for their efforts during the Civil War. However, most of their activities are still kept secret to this very day. After the war, Boone found himself back home in Lemoyne by the time Bassett finished up with Major General George Henry Thomas. Bassett, finally getting back home at the end of summer, gave Boone a proposition. Bassett suggested to Boone that they both utilize their espionage work into something a bit more profitable. And thus the incorporation of detective and spying work was added onto the Bassett Detective Agency. In an effort to expand in a cost effective manner, a formal merge with Bassett Detective Agency and the rebranding of both organizations to form the South-Western Detective Agency. This duet of private eyes allowed for two spheres of income as opposed to one. The merging of the two brings new methods and techniques to both organizations that all around improved work efficiency and overall outreach two hundred percent. Today In modern days the South-Western Detective Agency fell hard on its face when Horace James Monroe was savagely murdered by the Clyde Pickett gang during an investigation to bring down the infamous outlaw gunslinger. His wife Susan Monroe a former dressmaker took charge of the organization which led to rampant corruption among SWDA's ranks and borderline bankruptcy up until bought out by Pinkerton. Unfortunately the purchase was made after the companies' decline and forfeiture of previous contractual obligations with the state of Lannahechee. Sources Goon Squad. Wikiwand. (n.d.). Retrieved October 24, 2022, from https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Goon_squad Encyclopædia Britannica, inc. (n.d.). Pinkerton National Detective Agency. Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved October 24, 2022, from https://www.britannica.com/topic/Pinkerton-National-Detective-Agency Homestead Massacre here: https://battleofhomestead.org/the-battle-of-homestead/ ) Kelly, Kim. “This Infamous Anti-Labor Company Is Still Targeting Workers.” Teen Vogue, 3 Dec. 2020, https://www.teenvogue.com/story/who-were-the-pinkertons. All complaints, concerns and interest go to the inbox of this account or to Discord name Vulcenus#3831 Pinkerton#0269 Thread is in posted in an incomplete form state and will be updated.
  3. this thread follows the life of calliope jourdain as she leaves saint denis in search of herself ... and her sister Those maiden tenders I gave The virgin splendor I saved I’ll cast them off like a lie Don’t be so sure I don’t know I’m not so pure I can’t show A wallow in your sty When she was seventeen, Calliope was thrown from her aristocratic home. Forced onto the streets, Calliope made do the only way she knew how. Skulduggery. For six years, she prowled through the streets of Saint Denis, using her street marks - thanks to a man named Tom - to survive. It did not come without wounds, her journey, and six years after, she returns to the state to look for her sister — and reap the vengeance that had been earned the moment she told on Calliope. Are you just a heartless kite An arrant thief of love’s rite? Whose hollow heart inside’s A fount of lust, a source of pride?
  4. Rafael Rouge was born into poverty in the mid-1800s. As a young man, he struggled to make ends meet, and he soon found himself drawn into a life of crime. He started out as a small-time thief, but over time, he began to gather a following. In the years leading up to the Civil War, Rafael built a reputation as a skilled outlaw. He was known for his daring heists and his ability to evade the law. After the war ended, he saw an opportunity to expand his operations. With the country in disarray, he reasoned, there were more opportunities than ever to make a fortune. Rafael began recruiting members for his gang, which he called Les Rouges. He sought out those who were disillusioned with the state of the country and who were willing to take matters into their own hands. Many of his followers were former Confederate soldiers who felt betrayed by the Union and were eager to strike back at the government in any way they could. At first, Les Rouges was a small group, but over time, it grew in size and influence. Rafael was a charismatic leader, and he had a way of inspiring loyalty in his followers. He treated his men well, sharing the spoils of their heists and always looking out for their well-being. As the gang grew in power, Rafael began to dream of even greater riches. He set his sights on Sunfire Ranch, a sprawling estate owned by a wealthy landowner named Elijah Carson. True or not the Carson family was rumored to be one of the richest families in the state, and Rafael saw him as the ultimate prize. In 1876, Les Rouges launched a daring raid on Sunfire Ranch. The attack was anything but a success, as the gang made off with the large amount of cattle that would be the doom of Rafael. Initially, the victory seemed in their grasp, but it was short-lived. All of Rafael's present lieutenants were gunned down or wounded badly in the fight. In the ensuing gunfight, Rafael was himself fatally wounded in the end. With their leader dead, the future of Les Rouges was uncertain. However, the gang members vowed to carry on in Rafael's name. Now eager to seek revenge for their fallen leader, and restore his legacy under his name, time has come to slowly rise once again. Slowly, but surely in a Godless country.
  5. "You can run from the law, but you can't run from your past." From the ashes of the Civil War came a group that formed over common bonds and mutual ties. Nationless and running, the Grey Outfit, headed by Lee Mercer, came to Lannahechee with the goal of settling for good, after a string of bad luck saw the law hunting them in Missouri, Florida, and Alabama. He saw the untapped, unrealized potential of the frontier that brought those of all walks of life to it. Each one who came here was eager to exploit the state for one reason or another. Her resources, her gold, her precious money. In each man's pocket was a dollar of charity, and within each rich man his greed. To give to the land is one thing... but the Grey Outfit intends to take. Founded upon the notions of honour, trust, and companionship, the Grey Outfit started small. When Ira Wilkes was shot and killed, the gang changed direction — first, finding a footprint in the Blackwater Saloon, and sooner after, the Rhodes Parlour House. After cementing themselves in Lemoyne as men of honour, and finding friendship with the local sheriff, the Outfit has moved to bigger and grander scopes, with the corpse of a deceased companion rooting firmly their stake in the state. With him gone, the Grey Outfit sees itself slipping ever back into the lawless activity of years ago. "The cycle of violence never ends." Below: A letter to Amalia Natale from Lee Mercer. OOC INFORMATION
  6. Bank Robberies Bank robberies have been long overdue an update with some love and attention, equally, the entire system surrounding how they're requested and carried out hasn't really been clear. So, on behalf of the Faction Management team, I've worked some magic with the door system which we currently have in game and have managed to get a functioning system. This new system will enable players to do a bank robbery almost completely unassisted by administrators with only the items at the end being spawned in at the end being the OOC aspect of it. You'll still need an administrator to observe the roleplay but the whole process will now be much smoother. Each bank will provide players with a variety of different items; these rang from stolen goods, gold bars, gold nuggets, diamond rings, gold rings, the list goes on. We will not be releasing an official list of what admins are to give out to players who successfully rob a bank but what I can say is that the monetary reward will be well worth the planning and preparation. We've opted to not just give out money with bank robberies but also the other mentioned items, this has been done in an attempt to foster further roleplay by the requirement to find a fence to sell off the stolen items. You'll also need a fence to purchase the ornate keys from in order to break into the bank in the first place. How it works? The way in which this new system works is very simple; anyone is able to apply for a "heists & schemes" concept which will be reviewed and accepted. Here is where you'll showcase your character development and also the build-up to the bank robbery, this should include the planning and preparation and also outline how you intend to carry out the robbery. Once your application has been granted you can then start the ball rolling. Following the acceptance of the heist request you then need to ensure you've been able to source some "ornate keys" which are typically purchased from fences, they can however also be found by graverobbing however they're a rare drop. The ornate keys are going to function somewhat like lockpicks in the sense that they're skeletal keys which will be used to unlock the bank doors, however they're not perfect so it'll take the completion of a minigame to open the door successfully. A screenshot of the minigame is HERE Its highly advised that you take multiple ornate keys with you as each bank as a minimum of 2 doors that require unlocking and if you break the ornate keys then your heist stops there as you won't be able to go any further. On average a safe number of ornate keys is anywhere between 5 and 8 but the number you bring is entirely up to you, however, it MUST be above 3 so you can unlock the main vault door and 1 or 2 more doors which gives you access to the main vault door. Once you've got through both of the doors and you are then inside the vault, the admin who is observing your roleplay will start a countdown of 4 minutes, during this 4 minutes you'll be required to spend it roleplaying and breaking into the lock boxes within the vault itself. At some point during that time an NPC will notify local law enforcement about the bank robbery which is taking place; should you leave before the 4 minutes is up then you'll only receive 25% of what you were originally going to get as a reward. Rules & Guidelines You must adhere to the concept which was accepted by Faction Management. (You cannot stray too far from the concept, an example which would be acceptable is using the back door of the bank instead of the front to gain access is suitable.) The rewards for the bank robbery are set in stone, we will not tell you what the reward for each bank is and you'll only be given the reward once it has been successful. It isn't based on how many players took part but the quality of the roleplay is taken into account by the handling administrator. If you break all of the keys you brought with you then its just tough luck, we won't provide you with anymore keys, the responsibility is on you for this entirely. (The minigame isn't easy, its not intended to be easy, if you want some practice you can get that by raiding camps. Its the same minigame for it.) You must give notice of 2 hours prior to requesting the heist take place in game; this is so we can have staff members on standby to watch over the roleplay and also to afford someone the opportunity to play as an NPC. In the interests of fairness bank robberies must be done around peak time, they cannot be done when the player count and LEO count is low. These rules and guidelines are subject to change, its your responsibility to make sure you read them. We will not accept any excuses as to why you haven't read/followed them.
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