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  1. The Second Life of Sáne'móhkave Known also as BITTEN CAT, WOLF BAIT, MUTT, DOG, SABUESA and SYBIL. This thread documents the story of Sáne'móhkave, a Southern Cheyenne widow granted a second chance at life. Sáne’mohkave was born in the 1840s to the Masikota band of the Sówoniá, or the Southern Cheyenne, spending her childhood days along the banks of the White River in South Dakota. The cholera epidemic of 1849 wiped out much of her band, including her mother. After this, most of her band including her father joined the Hotamétaneo’o military society, better known by their name of infamy, the Dog Soldiers. She was given the name Mo'kôhtavene'e ("Black Faced Woman") when she became of age, and taken as wife by one of the warriors of the Dog Soldiers. She raised a family under the guidance of her now-infirm father and the women of the Dog Soldiers, giving birth to a son in the year 1861. Tragedy struck again during the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864. The Dog Soldiers band was absent from the Cheyenne and Arapaho camp when the Third Colorado Cavalry launched a brutal attack. She lost her father and firstborn son to the savagery of the U.S. Volunteers. She was later found some distance from the camp, being savaged by a mountain lion. Granted the name Sáne’móhkave, or Bitten By The Cat, she became one among the number of widows that took up arms against the settlers and military along the Oregon Trail. For five long years, Sáne’móhkave lived out a life of bitter vengeance north and south of the Arkansas River. After the disastrous Battle of Summit Springs in 1869, she moved to the Arapaho and Cheyenne reservation in the Indian Territories, where she made a heartfelt attempt at peace. A new husband, two sons born in the summer of 1870; it was nothing but hope in the end. Another cholera epidemic, spreading from the Cherokee Outlet to the north ravaged her lodge, taking her new husband and two sons from her. She rejoined the warbanding efforts made by the Dog Soldiers still spirited and vengeful enough to fight against the European American encroachment, raiding from the north of the Indian Territories into Kansas. She threw herself into this with a deathwish, and this marauding finally ended through an effort of the Cavalry and Pawnee, which saw her ended up on a transport south. Here she immersed herself into a hateful life of crime. Though eventually cornered and left to die atop a tower in the Grizzlies, it seemed fate was not quite done with her yet... "When you seek revenge, dig two graves."
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