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  1. I also support that the map is not limited, but I think it is convenient that at first it is limited to certain areas to offer users the opportunity to join with other players and not be lost in such a wide world as soon as they enter. An idea would be, for example, to open larger and larger parts of the map so that the map is enlarged without losing sight of the community and so that they do not disappear in all directions. That's my opinion in this whole topic, that it is limited at the beginning and that it extends over time until there is no limit left.
  2. The main idea of location for a medium-sized community such as World should be carried out in a limited area of the map, since we could always find problems finding roleplay focus in such a wide area without limitations at first. To begin, I would personally like to focus all the roleplay in a specific area in which, it contains all the vitals of the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 in a reduced area, whether urban and rural, with habitable areas and on the other part explorable. Two places that could be vital to this beginning could be: Lemoyne West Elizabeth Starting with Lemoyne, this place has three smaller regions: Scarlett Meadows, Bayou Nwa and Bluewater Marsh. The area is mostly characterized by the massive crawl of industrialization and unique biomes, where you can find lush forests, lakes and swamps, the city of St.Denis and some surrounding towns such as Rhodes. And second but not less important, West Elizabeth. West Elizabeth is bigger, composed of three constituent regions: Tall Trees, Great Plains, and Big Valley. There are two major settlements in West Elizabeth: Blackwater and Strawberry. There are also camps, ranches, and homesteads that dot within the territory, the landscape progresses from rolling grasslands in the Great Plains region through snow-capped, impassable mountains around the edges of Tall Trees.
  3. In my opinion, I think the server should be text-based for several factors, which I will expand: The language: initially, not all GTAW players are English speakers, it could be said that 30% or more of the players do not have English as their primary language, when the slowness of the roleplay is written as opposed to a voice based server It usually helps these people since writing is not as complicated as pronunciation can be. Thanks to the text, I know people who have come to play fluently without having much idea of English thanks to a translator,this without affecting the fluidity of the game. Immersion: when interpreting a character in a text-based server, the whole idea that we conceive of a character is in its fullness in our head, that is, we indirectly imagine its actions or its voice. In a voice-based server, the immersion could be affected positively or negatively depending on some human aspects, completely depending on the player such as, for example, the tone of voice, let's not fool ourselves, no one would like to see a sheriff or just an ex-confederate tramp with a barely mature voice. Old school: today it is not difficult at all to find servers by voice since there are too many, such a new game combined with text I think it would make very good combo, it is not only that, GTAW has earned a name and a reputation for being Text-based, if the franchise is maintained this should be maintained as well. Now, I will make a small scheme of the pros / cons if the server is text-based. +Quality +Immersion +Availability (Not everyone has a microphone or can talk at all times, besides, people usually have background noises, etc, even if its Push-To-Talk) -Slow-Paced gameplay -Not bigger playerbase nowadays
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