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  1. We had electricity in the 1880s in EEU. Don't see why we can't fictionally have it here too if it's a problem. It's not that far off.
  2. Na, bro. It's way too late for that and as a native and faction leader I'm really not looking forward to working on all the changes in portrayal, lore and roleplay that'd require of us to stay relevant and accurate just for a slight change of scenery, a few more guns, some historical incidents that largely make us even weaker and irrelevant on a larger scale, as well as on a personal level. Besides the server's logistics simply could not support it at this time.
  3. Coming to peace is a concept not at all forgotten by the tribe of the river and mountains. They've always sought to keep it. Finding a diplomatic solution to problems has always been the Cehtangi way of conducting themselves when it came to foreign affairs. Figure you get more bees with honey, and sometimes it does take more strength to not fight than to fight. They did not start a conflict, but made sure to end them. Finding themselves sat on opposite sides once again, face to face with the Comanche under the same tree for the third... fourth...? Anyway, for the manyth time, with yet another go at said diplomatic solution. The Watsikatu Comanche surprised the Cehtangi with a telegram sent through the United States Marshal Service asking them to meet under their sacred tree. It was not seen favorably as some members of the tribe who had grown tired with the Comanche's incompetence at keeping their promises and maintaining peace. Numerous chiefs of the Quahadi had failed the simple task of not fighting or provoking the Cehtangi and continuing a feud they thought buried from the days of the Blackwater War, that ended with both sides going home without any more bloodshed. The conflict was reignited with the murder of Chieftess Chasing Horse and the young Tall Sparrow, who at the time did not present any threat to the Quahadi, nor was it considered to be a hostile tribe, but rather to be cautious of. Peace has been attempted once more since, but the efforts were in vain. Nothing came of it other than a threat that they would see all of the Cehtangi killed for their involvement in the war, but with the Quahadi gone, this presented an opportunity that would be unwise to pass on. After the new Great Chief of the Watsikatu Swift Bird sat down with Warchief Gentle Bear and Chieftess True Condor of the Cehtangi, in the company of her Watsikatu brave Standing Bear, they spoke, shared perspectives and agreed the era of The Indian Wars are over, and a new focus to be had, moving forward in the new age. There was finally peace and found common ground to coexist. If only had Chieftess Swift Bird led them sooner...
  4. After passing by the Sundry Ranch and establishing their friendship and peaceful cooperation with the New Hanover Sheriff's Office, with more openness to travel and exploration, a group of Cehtangi, accompanied by their Swedish, Italian and Apache friends leave Wapiti westward and cross into New Austin for the first time, avoiding Tall Trees, despite the unbearable heat for any mountain tribe used to the cold, snow and ice, especially in the months of the winter season. New Austin proved to be somewhat worth the long trip across the state, having shown them a brand new world of flora and fauna not possible in the Grizzlies. An interesting yet weird woman kept averting her gaze away from the two Cehtangi men who came shirtless, as it is the custom, especially in the desert heat, speaking words never heard of them before. Their local guide and friend, Lone Tipi, the Mexican Apache, showed them around and mistakenly may have taught them a few "bad words" in Spanish while doing so, before meeting a group of familiar faces from the Sundry Ranch back in Armadillo of all places. They held some information about a former member of the tribe, that as always, came out on top and avoided capture or harm from even the most dangerous threats lurking in Lannahechee by showing a lack of principle and opportunism bordering on the miraculous.
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